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Vanny was a contestant in G.G.G. 1. and on G.G.G. 3.


Vanny is a brown, vanilla flavored ice cream sandwich with white facial features presumably made from the same cream. In his original design his limbs were also white but people usually draw him with black limbs instead.


Vanny started off season 1 by being placed onto Team Drink. He was probably the strongest contestant challenge wise, basically winning almost every pre-merge challenge. His team was almost never up for elimination and when it was, he wasn't voted for since there were multiple people that were a lot weaker challenge wise. Once the merge came, he continued to place high, with his constant individual immunities. Ironically enough, the one time he didn't win the challenge was when he was eliminated, after Merit Badge used multiple immunity tokens to save himself at a token stalemate, having Vanny be eliminated with only one vote.


  • Vanny has the most challenge wins out of any contestant.
  • Going by his signup, Vanny is the only contestant to have both white limbs and facial features.
  • Vanny has the highest average out of any G.G.G. 1 contestant, and every G.G.G. contestant in general.
  • Despite being commonly referred to as Vanny, his full name is actually Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • His favorite pizza topping is mushroom.
  • His favorite dessert is Yellow Cake.
  • Dominos did a massive redesign for his asset in Season 3. Now having white limbs.