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Tape Recorder was a contestant on G.G.G. 1.


Tape Recorder is a grey, rectangular recording device with no visible mouth.


Tape Recorder started the competition off by being placed on Team Snack. Challenge wise, he sucked, getting a very low placement on his only challenge. His low challenge performance was a contributing factor to his team being up for elimination first, however he survived as he wasn't exactly a threat. After the second challenge was announced, he proceeded to do the challenge, but he later became impatient. The host had permitted an extension since some contestants hadn't finished their challenges, he started to complain which later lead to the now infamous argument that he had with the host, in which he compared the camp to Kings Island for some reason. His user later quit the competition and cut ties with the host all together.


  • Tape Recorder's user and Gulpy knew each other in real life prior to G.G.G. but have since stoped talking over the infamous argument they had about challenge extensions.
  • Tape Recorder originally signed up as a character called Broken R.C. Plane.
  • According to his user, he can only speak in other tapes, and keeps a briefcase full of them for other sentences.
  • He likes pure Alfredo sauce on his pizza.