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Space Flower was a contestant in G.G.G. 1.


Space Flower is a dark purple flower with light blue, yellow and lavender petals.


Space Flower was placed onto team drink during the beginning of the season which is the reason she made it into merge as her team was barely ever up for elimination. Her challenge performance wasn't the best but she got some decently high placements during the pre-merge. After the merge started her motivation was noticeably lowering, she was up for elimination during her entire merge run and eventually just ended up voting for herself, getting eliminated in the process.


  • Space Flower is the only contestant to purposely vote for herself.
  • She competed in season 2 as Potti.
  • Her user competed in the XD Factor, Gulpy's old camp, where she got second place.
  • She doesn't like toppings on pizza.