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Pretzel is the ex-co-host of G.G.G. and the host of the now cancelled mini camp P.P.P.


Pretzel is a brown, salted, soft pretzel.

Role In the Camp

Pretzel is was co-host of G.G.G., as such he hosted the eliminations and would, on some occasions, announce challenges.


  • Pretzel hosted the eliminations.
  • At one point, he tried to sign up for season 2 as Cinnamon Pretzel Poptart, Pretzel's cannon son, but was unable to due to having to co-host.
  • He hosted a mini camp on the G.G.G. Server called P.P.P. or Pretzel's Perilous Puzzle.
  • Pretzel was accidentally banned from the server, he has since been replaced with Merit Badge.
  • Pretzel's user has managed to return to the G.G.G. server.