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Potion was a contestant in G.G.G. 1. and was the runner up of the season.


Potion is a small, transparent, glass vial filled with a red substance, he also has a brown cork plugging up the hole where his liquid would spill out.


Potion started off the competition by being placed onto Team Snack, the weaker of the two teams. He would place decently in challenges, but his relatively high placements still didn't help his team with eliminations. Despite his team being rather weak, he survived through the merge since nobody had a specific reason to vote for him. After the merge, he joined an alliance that held the majority of the remaining cast. With they're numbers, the alliance managed to get rid of multiple other contestants. Around this time, potion began to excuse a lot more often than he used too, but his alliance managed to keep him in the game long enough to make it to the alumni. He went through the alumni with ease, despite excusing a lot. After making it to the finale, he managed to obtain one of the four points, which wasn't nearly enough to have him win, but was enough to give him second place.


  • Potion was the last contestant eliminated on Team Snack.
  • He has the highest average out of any armless contestant in G.G.G. 1.
  • His favorite pizza topping is mushrooms.
  • He's the only armless contestant to make it to alumni in season 1.
  • He has the highest average and ranking out of any Team Snack contestant.