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Mozzarella Stick was a contestant on G.G.G. 2. and on G.G.G. 3.


Mozzarella Stick is a deep fried, brown colored, stick of cheese with a hole leaking golden, yellow cheese. He also has arms made out of the same cheese that's inside of him.


Mozzarella Stick was one of the five people that were confirmed for season 2. He started off the season by being placed onto Team Guacamole. Nothing much is known about what his gameplay could have been like in season 2 since he had to excuse the first challenge due to his user being on a trip at the time, which lead Team Guacamole and Team Salsa being up for elimination, since he didn't do the challenge, his team decided to get rid of him first. Once the rejoin challenge was announced, we got a glimpse into what his potential could have been like since he managed to get second in the rejoin challenge.


  • He was one of the 5 contestants confirmed for season 2.
  • Coincidentally, him and season 1 competitor Dead Planet have a few similarities in design.
  • His favorite candy is Dog Food flavored Jelly Beans from the game Beanboozled.
  • He's the only season 2 contestant to not have black stick arms.
  • Despite being called Mozzarella Stick, his cheese is a mix of cheddar and mozzarella, causing it to look more yellow than normal mozzarella.
  • The reason his crossed out eye is normal during season 3 is due to the fact that he now wears an eyepatch that makes it appear as if he has two functioning eyes.
  • Mozzarella Stick can stretch his own arms up to 55 feet, and can carry up to 300 pounds, he doesnt do either alot at all because it takes alot of energy.
  • He's the one of two contestants to not have their favorite dessert listed.