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Moonlight Lamp was a contestant in G.G.G. 1 and G.G.G. 2.


Moonlight Lamp is a purple lamp with moon and star shaped patterns across her shade, in some depictions the pole her shade is attached to is also tinted a slight purple.


Moonlight Lamp started of by signing up for the debut, she easily won the debut as her only real competition was Bobble Head, and she ended up beating him in the vote resulting in her joining the season. Once she joined she had entries that where much more joke-ish compared to the rest of the cast, however she did manage to get some decently high placements for the time she was in season 1. She had joined an alliance made by Croatian Flag, which basically carried her all the way to alumni, as she had the majority vote. Her alliance however was up against the challenge beast of the alumni, Merit Badge, and so, after lasting two rounds into the alumni, her alliance eliminated her, as she was the weakest link.

When season 2 came around she was one of the 5 to be confirmed, her specifically because she had won season 1 of P.P.P. After she joined, she was placed onto Team Guacamole and her gameplay was much worse than her season 1 gameplay. She excused much more this time around and only did a handful of challenges, for the ones she did do, she didn't place all that well in them due to them being much more joke-ish compared to the rest of the cast. Despite her team being up for elimination a lot, she managed to make it to the merge where she lasted a few rounds, and later quit because her user wanted to focus more on Camp Live.


  • Moonlight Lamp was the first G.G.G. debuter.
  • She was the contestant who went on the longest without having an emoji made by Gulpy.
  • She is so far the only female debuter.
  • She is the only season 1 alumni that was allowed to join season 2.
  • She is commonly drawn without her moon shaped patterns by a few of the contestants.
  • Moonlight Lamp was the only female to reach alumni in G.G.G 1.
  • She is the only contestant in G.G.G. 1 to not have a team.
  • Moonlight Lamp's user also competed in P.P.P., a minicamp created by G.G.G.'s co-host, as Moonlight Lamp Jr., and got first.
  • Her favorite pizza topping is cheese.
  • Her favorite candy is glow in the dark Reeses Cups.
  • Her user was going to temporarily replace Pretzel as the co-host.
  • Her user competed in Camp Live 5.
  • She was the first season 2 contestant to quit.
  • She's the only season 1 veteran who signed up as the same character and quit.