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Now that we are all on this island, I have shipped in prizes for the eliminations!... Hold on, I have a call.... WHAT?? Gulpy, Challenge 1

Gulpy's Grand Game is the first season overall of the camp. It had 23 contestants. Merit Badge being the winner, and Potion being the runner-up. This season had no set theme as it was a test season.




Mixed Genders

Non Binary


<tabber> |-|Challenge 1=Ok, time for the first challenge! Now that we are all on this island, I have shipped in prizes for the eliminations!... Hold on, I have a call.... WHAT?? OK guys, I have the next challenge for you! The boat shipped the prizes on the wrong side of the island! They shipped the 2 big crates to the dock at the west side of the island! Your team has to deliver one of the crates to the elimination area at the East side of the island! There is a trash pile at the dock where the crates are to help you move them. You can take anything you want from the trash pile, but there isn't going to be anything special. OK! @Contestant draw your character doing something to move the crate to the other side of the island! Remember, these challenges are rated on how creative, how much effort, and how good they overall are. challenge due August 5th. |-|Challenge 2=Now that the one with the best potential is gone, lets get to the second challenge!!! Today, we will head over to the abandoned hotel, which is 30 floors tall! You have to go to the roof, as you can see, there are tons of balloons in front of the hotel, not moving. You have to drop all the way down the building and collect as many balloons as you can. I won't give you any parachutes, so without any tools, it is certain to die on impact. But, I will give you another trash pile to work with and make any tool to help you with the challenge. You only have one drop, so collect as many ballons as you can. For Adventure Line, Potion, and Bee, your powers are temporarily removed for this challenge for fairness, so you can't stretch, make potions, or fly.

Ok! So draw your character falling off the hotel collecting balloons! Challenge due in a week, Tuesday, August 13th. UPDATE! - There are stairs leading up to the roof lol |-|Challenge 3=now that the inactive one is gone, it's time for the 3rd challenge! This challenge takes place at the lake. This is going to be more of a team based challenge, so your entries will also be graded on how well you work with your team. Each team has a torch, a base of a raft (picture in #info ). You have to race against the other team across the lake without extinguishing your torch. The first one to light the post on the other side of the lake wins! There is another trash pile where the boats are, so you can modify your raft or protect your torch.

Simplified version: race against the other team to the end of the lake on a raft while keeping your torch lit.

Challenge due in a week on Friday, August 23 |-|Challenge 4=Yeye! It's 4th challenge time!!!! As you can tell, this is the last challenge before the merge! (because everyone quit) So this challenge is going to be preparing for the merge! This will be taking place at the park. For this challenge, you will need to build a sheild! I will give you a plank of wood for your base and will move the trash pile there too. So all you have to do is modify your 3x3 wood plank as a usable sheild! It can be as offensive, or defensive sheild you can make! (But dont go too overboard, since you can only use natural resources and trash).

Simplified version: modify a plank of wood as a sheild

Challenge due in 10 days on Wednesday, September 4th |-|Challenge 5=ow that probably the saddest elimination just happened, lets get to the 5th challenge... This challenge will need the shields you made last challenge! We will be heading back to the abandoned hotel on the roof. I am going to start a tradition for each season that is going to be taking place on this hotel. This challenge will be a battle royal! You have to push all of the other contestants off the hotel and if you are the last one standing, you win. As per usual, there will be a small trash pile at the center of the roof for your battle.

Simplified version: push or knock off all other contestants off the abandoned hotel roof.

Challenge due in 10 days on Sunday, September 15th |-|Challenge 6=it's time for the 6th challenge!!! As all of you know, there is a new competitor in the competition, Moonlight Lamp! This challenge will take place in the cafeteria. If you don't get it by now, we are having a highly requested baking competition! You have access to all the ingredients in the kitchen, so bake to the limit of your imagination! You can use outside ingredients too, like fruits from trees, wild berries, etc. It has to be edible. You can make cannolis, cakes, souffles, the possibilites are endless!

Simplified version: make a delicious pastry for the Hosts

Challenge due in 10 days on Thursday, September 26. |-|Challenge 7=Its time for the 7th challenge!!!! As you may have seen recently, pretzel released the eliminated contestants, and that's where the challenge starts! If you remember, this takes place on an island, so theres no place to go for the eliminated contestants now, so you will have to build a home for them! The home can be anything or anywhere you want! In the mountains, the cliff, the park, anywhere. I have materials set up at the docks, so get building!

Simplified version: build a home for the eliminated contestants

Challenge due in 10 days on Monday, October 7th |-|Challenge 8=Since you kept on bugging me to write the challenge, I'll announce it now, smh. As all of you know, it is the month of spooks, but on this island, it is the month of chaos... In a few days, a day called "the Feast of the Ghouls" approaches. On this day for 24 hours, many GHOULS (are you happy now, Stanley?) rise from the dead and eat every person they find! This is where the challenge kicks in! You will have to find a hiding spot to evade the ghouls for 24 hours! The ghouls can not be trapped or killed, so you can't attack them. Use every advantage you have for hiding, like your powers, shape, size, etc. The eliminated contestants, Pretzel, and I will be on a luxurious cruise off the island as we wait, hehe.

Simplified version: Hide or evade the ghouls for 24 hours.

Challenge due in 10 days on Friday, October 18th |-|Challenge 9=it's challenge time!!!! We had a special occasion recently, Ink Drop rejoined!!! This challenge is themed for the celebration of getting this far! Pretzel and I have baked a giant cake, the size of a mountain! There are 10 of you left, but what's this?? There is only one candle!!!! Your next challenge is to climb the giant cake and blow out the candle! You can use anything in the trash pile and the topping on the cake (giant cherries, frosting, cookies, etc.) to help you reach the top or sabotage others! The one who blows out the challenge gains individual immunity. (The cake is a triple layered cake, each layer smaller than the one below it. The candle is also giant.

Simplified version: Race up the giant cake and blow out the candle.

Challenge due in 5 days on October 28th, 2019. |-|Challenge 10= Guys!! You have to help me!! My jelly beans have escaped their tank, and are scattered around across the island!! They are very fast and keep running away when I try to grab them!!! You have to catch all of my 10 jelly beans and return them to me!

Simplified version: catch 10 escaped and tricky jelly beans that are running around the island.

Challenge due in 5 days on November 4th, 2019. |-|Challenge 11=Uh oh... something very bad has happened! You may be wondering, “Pretzel? Why are you doing the challenge? Where’s Gulpy?!?!” Well... you see, on this very island, there are legends of a relic called... “The Golden Straw.” Gulpy has always wanted to find this straw, so he can replace his dumb silicone one and make himself more snazzy! Also because the turtles are dying. However, he hasn’t returned for a while, and I fear he may be lost in a cave while searching! I can’t host without him... I’m just not good enough! So you guys need to go and find Gulpy for me so we can continue this camp! If not... I’m afraid GGG will be... gulp... cancelled!

Simplified version: Find Gulpy inside the caverns and bring him home safely!

Challenge ends November 12th at 11 AM, EST. Good luck out there... I’m counting on you to bring him back! |-|Challenge 12=It's time for the next challenge!!! This will take place at the volcano located in the mountains. You will all be aligned at the rim of the volcano, you cannot go anywhere else but the rim. You have to push other contestants into the volcano and if your the last person standing, you win! The rim (the top, surrounding the magma) is a few feet wide, so you have moving room. There are also 4 trash piles at sections of the rim, you can use that to help you in battle.

Simplified version: push the other contestants into the volcano and be the last one standing.

Challenge ends Tuesday, November 19th at 12 PM, EST. |-|Challenge 13=It's time for challenge 13! I have set up an obstacle course today! There will be three parts. The first part takes place in the lake! You will have to swim across the lake, while avoiding traps set inside, there will be materials floating in the water to help you cross the lake or sabotage other players. After you get across, you'll need to get dry ofcourse! What's a better way to dry off than spinning? That leads to the second part. There is a tower at the end of the lake with swings dangling from the top. You will have to sit on a swing and let the tower spin you at high speeds for 1 minute. While on the swing, you will have to grab three rings hanging in your reach. If you fail to grab the rings in one minute or lose them, you will have to go back on the swing and do it again. You will have to keep the rings for the third part. You will have to run over to the cliff! There is a game of ringtoss at the bottom of it. There is a picture of you with a pole on the top of it. If you throw all three of your rings onto your pole, you win!!!

Simplified version: uh... obstacle course

Challenge due in 5 days on Tuesday, November 26th at 4 PM EST |-|Challenge 14=Challenge 14!! Alright, finale 5, this is so exciting! This challenge will take place at the abandoned hotel! There is a Flag in one of the rooms of this 30 floor hotel. Your objective is to obtain the flag before the rest of your competition. There is, ofcourse, a pile of materials that you can use. Oh! And because this is the final 5, I'll add a twist! All the eliminated contestants will also be in the hotel. They will all try to prevent you from getting the flag. You will have to try to evade them while searching for the flag :slight_smile: . Good luck.

Simplified version: search for a flag in the abandoned hotel while avoiding the eliminated contestants.

Challenge due in 5 days on Thursday, December 5th at 4 PM EST |-|Challenge 15=Challenge 15. This is the last challenge before the finale, so make your entries count. This challenge will take place at the lake. You will have to build another boat/raft and ensue in a water war with the other contestants. There is a lot of scrap metals and materials for your flotation devices. Your objective is to sink the other contestants boats and defend yourself from being sunk.

Simplified version: Build a boat and try to sink other contestants boats in the lake.

Challenge due in 5 days on Thursday, December 12th at 4PM EST

Elimination Order

Contestant Gender Object Team
Grey Block male
Panda Keychain N/A
Diamond male
Tape Recorder male
Tri Monitor both
Warp Star male
We Talking Balls male
Discord Dark Theme male
Shuttle Pen male
Cherry Soda female
Harpoon male
Scented Candle male
Space Flower female
Bee male
Finger Fries male
Adventure Line male
Vanny male
Dead Planet male
Moonlight Lamp female
Ink Drop male
Croatian Flag male
Potion male
Merit Badge male


  • This is the very first season of G.G.G.
  • This season currently has the most quitters, with a total of 5.
  • This is the first season to have an entire male podium.
  • This is the first season to have a male winner.
  • This is the very first season to have a female debuter.
  • This is the very first season to have a male rejoiner.
  • Panda Keychain is the very first person to ever be eliminated with votes, since Grey Block quit.

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