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Finger Fries was a contestant in G.G.G. 1 and was competing in G.G.G. 2.


Finger Fries is a red fast food French Fry container with severed human fingers inside brandishing a yellow letter F on him, he also has two yellow stripes that wring around his body.


Finger Fries started off by being placed onto team drink. Finger Fries was definitely one of the stronger contestants on his team, scoring pretty high in most challenges thanks to his uniquely surreal art style and interesting ideas for challenges. He lasted through the entirety of the merge due to his team barely being up for elimination, as such he made it to merge with relative ease. After making it to the merge, he continued to place relatively high. Despite his high challenge placements, he had very little allies during his time in the merge, due to this he was pretty vulnerable, and since basically every other contestant was in an alliance, Finger Fries got eliminated after a few rounds into the merge.

After signing up and getting accepted into the season, he was placed onto Team Queso, the strongest out of the season 2 teams. His challenge performance was much better than his season 1 gameplay, getting 2 challenge wins during his run. He lasted during the pre-merge due to the fact that his team was literally never up for elimination. Once he made merge he continued to place high, despite occasionally excusing. Once the duo challenge was announced, he decided to team up with Cubby, his teammate had excused the challenge, putting his team up for elimination. After the winning team of Alarm Clock and Snow Cone decided on who to eliminate, they decided that Finger Fries should get the boot.


  • Finger Fries' user had originally singed up as a character named Almost Full Pizza, but decided to change.
  • Despite him being based of a popular snack, he was placed onto Team Drink.
  • His favorite pizza topping is human fingers.
  • His favorite candy is SweetTarts.
  • He has the highest average out of any returning season 1 contestant.