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Diamond was a contestant on G.G.G 1.


Diamond is a small, blue, transparent gemstone.


Diamond, before season 1 had even started, was notorious for being very, very annoying. He would ping people in the server for literally no reason, one time just to say he was going to go offline. He was placed onto Team Snack and DNPed the very first challenge, surprisingly he wasn't eliminated first and continued to annoy people, publicly stating that he was going to vote for Ink Drop in the next elimination. Of course he didn't last long after saying that, as he managed to get a warning on the server. He was so annoyed that he got warned, that he just ended up quitting the camp, leaving the server and saying that he disliked the camp and that he never liked it in the first place.


  • Diamond is one of four contestants to never participate in a challenge.
  • He is also one of five quitters. 
  • His favorite pizza topping is cheese and pepperoni. 
  • He's the first contestant to get banned from the server.