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Dead Planet was a contestant in G.G.G. 1. and on G.G.G. 3.


Dead Planet is a dried up terrestrial planet, colored completely grey. He has a large hole in his head where his core is semi-exposed, the core itself is orange and made out of an unknown alloy.


Dead Planet stared of the season by being placed onto Team Drink, the strongest season 1 team. He was an alright contestant for most of the pre-merge, his challenge performance was good enough to not have his team be up for elimination all that often. When merge started, he was asked to join an alliance created by Croatian Flag, he agreed to join and was safe from elimination for most of the pre-merge, as the alliance had the majority vote. His challenge performance also began to get better nearing the alumni, with him getting his one and only challenge win during the final elimination before the alumni. After alumni had started, the alliance he was in was desperately trying to get rid of Merit Badge, due to him being a huge threat. Unfortunately for him, Merit Badge had won the challenge, and the alliance had to chose to eliminate him, or Moonlight Lamp, he was ultimately chosen to be eliminated.


  • Dead Planet was the first contestant to ever signup for G.G.G.
  • He was the first contestant to ever own a token.
  • He is one of the three contestants in G.G.G. 1 to never excuse or DNP.
  • He was the second to last contestant from Team Drink to be eliminated.
  • He was the first contestant to ever submit an entry.
  • Dead Planet's user also competed in P.P.P. as Mysterious Substance and got 2nd.
  • Dead Planet was the first contestant to have an emoji on the G.G.G. server.
  • According to his user, Dead Planet's core is explosive.
  • His favorite pizza topping is mushrooms.
  • He has the third best G.G.G. 1 average.
  • He shares multiple design similarities with season 2 contestant Mozzarella Stick.
  • He's the only season 1 contestant to legitimately win a challenge and not be Vanny or Merit Badge.
  • His favorite dessert is chocolate bananas.
  • Dead Planet is the first contestant to make alumni twice.