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Croatian Flag was a contestant on G.G.G. 1 and is the season's third placer.


Croatian Flag is a red, white and blue flag with a white and red shield in the center belonging to the country of which he is named after.


Croatian Flag started off by being placed onto Team Snack, the team with not only the most quitters, but the worst challenge performance by far. His entries weren't that good either, getting mediocre placements that didn't help his team. During merge he created an alliance consisting of basically everyone except Bee, Merit Badge, Finger Fries and Scented Candle. Strategy was definitely his strong suit as he managed to eliminate a majority of the aforementioned contestants, he also made the first animated entry which gave him a decent ranking. He later gave up on making actually good entries, and just made text based ones that didn't rank that high. After multiple failed attempts to get rid of Merit Badge, and after his whole allI alliance was eliminated, he made it to the finale where he got no points, and placed third.


  • Croatian Flag was the first contestant to submit a video entry.
  • Croatian Flag was the leader of the first alliance in G.G.G.
  • He was the only contestant in the finale to not score a single point.
  • His Favorite pizza topping is plain cheese.
  • He was the only season 1 veteran to sign up for the season 2 debut.