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Coleslaw was a contestant on G.G.G. 3.


Coleslaw is a grey, plastic cup filled with coleslaw, a mixture of shredded cabbage, purple cabbage, carrots and mayonnaise.


Coleslaw started off the competition by teaming up with Clementine, forming Team No Name. Starting off the host had high expectations for him, as he had heard of his past camp experiences, but was quickly left underwhelmed. Coleslaw seemed to be more attuned to joke camps, thus his entries where seen as ironic and with little care put into them, resulting in him getting some pretty low placements. Ironically he was paired with one of the highest placing newbies in the season, but this still wasn't enough to secure safety most of the time, even though that also wasn't much of an issue either as they weren't seen as a threat until a bit later on. During the game challenge, they got a rather low score, which put them up for elimination and after a tie breaker with Team Fieroiny, they where promptly eliminated.


  • Coleslaw participated in seasons 3 and 4 of W.T.C.
  • He is the first person to ever sign up with a video.
  • His favorite dessert is Chocolate Cake.