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Cherry Soda is a former G.G.G. 1 contestant and was competing in season 2.


Cherry Soda is a pink metallic can of cherry flavored soda, she has two, light pink stripes going around her body as well.


Cherry Soda started off the competition by being placed onto Team Drink. She performed decently in challenges, but was never really the best of the best, having her only challenge be mostly thanks to Vanny, since he had basically done all the work for the entry, but coupled with the fact that her team was the strongest of the two meant that she easily made it through the merge. She had joined a sizeable alliance around this time, which also helped a slight bit, despite this she didn't last too long in the merge. She ended up getting eliminated after lasting three rounds and, since there was a recent debut, was accompanied by Harpoon.

Cherry Soda decided to signup for season 2, as one of the three veterans that were allowed in. She started the competition off by being placed on Team Salsa. This time around, here challenge performance worsened a lot, and along with the fact that her team was by far the worst performing team in season 2 meant that she was up for elimination a lot. After her team had dissolved, she was then placed onto Team Queso, which was the exact opposite of her previous team, never being up for elimination. After basically being carried to the merge, she continued to perform poorly. She was later eliminated in the seasons second double elimination, along with Honeycomb. She later went on to attempt the rejoin, but ended up getting last on the rejoin challenge.


  • Cherry Soda is the only contestant to collaborate with another contestant in a challenge resulting in her one and only challenge win, that contestant being Vanny.
  • She and Harpoon were eliminated in the first Double Elimination.
  • She's never won a challenge legitimately.
  • Cherry Soda was the first one to submit an entry in G.G.G. 2.
  • In her G.G.G. career, she has been on a total of 3 teams.
  • Her favorite pizza topping is anchovies.
  • Her favorite candy is the lollipop.
  • She technically got the same placement twice.
  • She was the first veteran to be eliminated in season 2.
  • She holds the record for most votes, with 24.
  • She's the lowest ranking female in both seasons 1 and 2.
  • Originally Bandana was supposed to get the boot with a total of 24 votes but since he used his dizzy token on Cherry Soda she was eliminated.