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Bee is a former contestant of G.G.G. 1.


Bee has the same appearance and color of the insect he is based off of, having six limbs, 2 legs and four arms.


Bee had started of on a mediocre note, getting relatively ok rankings with his entries. He lasted as long as he did because he wasn't really seen as a threat by the rest of the cast, and because he was on Team Drink which was the strongest out of the two season 1 teams. He had one major close call in which he was in a tie breaker with Adventure Line which lead to Ink Drop getting eliminated for the first time, this was a one time thing however, and he managed to make it relatively far into the merge. The large alliance that controlled a lot of the eliminations continuously kept trying to get rid of Merit Badge, with very little success, one elimination lead to Bee getting the boot as Merit Badge had played one of his many Immunity Tokens.


  • Bee has the most limbs out of any G.G.G. contestant.
  • Bee is the only non-object to have participate in G.G.G. up to now.
  • He was the last Team Snack contestant to get eliminated before alumni.
  • Bee's user left the G.G.G. server after an incident regarding asset theft.
  • Bee's user also competed as Buffalo Sabers in P.P.P. 2.
  • Bee was originally used by another person on W.T.C.
  • His favorite pizza topping is chicken.