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Bandana was a contestant on G.G.G. 2.


Bandana is a short, red, cloth bandana similar to the ones worn in real life.


Bandana was a sort of a neutral contestant. He was placed onto Team Guacamole and didn't do many entries for most of the merge, and if he did he would usually just make them short. That isn't to say he was a terrible contestant, some of his entries did manage to get him somewhat decent placements, with him getting 2nd place in one the challenges. After making it to merge he managed to make even shorter entries, that is if he did them. He usually excused and was eventually eliminated after Dog Bone used her Roulette Token which was originally going to eliminate Alarm Clock, but instead eliminated Bandana after she swapped their percentages.


  • Bandana's user hosts a camp called Epic.
  • His favorite candy is....Dick Suckers.
  • He's the only season 2 contestant to not get eliminated with votes.
  • Originally Alarm Clock was supposed to be eliminated but since she used her dizzy token he got eliminated.