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Awesome Sauce was a contestant in G.G.G. 2.


Awesome Sauce is a wine colored bottle of sauce with a purple cap and orange label.


Awesome Sauce, before season 2 had even begun, was pretty active on the discord server and had been confirmed for season 2 for a while, along with 5 other people. She had been hyped up for a while and when she finally started officially competing, her gameplay was lackluster to say the least. During the pre-merge her user had a lot of issues with the accessibility of a computer, which lead her to excuse a lot, for the challenges she did do, she got ok placements, but nothing spectacular. The reason she made it to merge was because her team was literally never up for elimination, allowing her to make it pretty far into the competition. When merge finally came she did a few challenges, and was later eliminated.


  • Awesome Sauce's user also competed in camp live season 3 as Snack Basket.
  • She was one of the 5 people confirmed for season 2.
  • Their user also hosts a camp called Kings Of Humor.
  • Awesome Sauce has the highest record of most times cried in a week, which is 7,261 times.
  • Her favorite candy is what I can only describe as a sugar stick.
  • Originally Snow Cone was supposed to get the boot but since she split her votes in half Awesome Sauce got eliminated.