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Alarm Clock was a contestant on G.G.G. 2.


Alarm Clock is a small, shiny, red clock.


Alarm Clock was a last minute pick for season 2, replacing grave before the cast was revealed. She started of the competition by being placed onto Team Salsa. For the first few challenges, she didn't place all that well, getting somewhat low placements. Her team was the weakest one of the three which lead to her being up for elimination multiple times. After her team inevitably dissolved, she was then placed onto Team Queso, which was the strongest team. Since her new team was literally never up for elimination, she made it through the rest of the merge easily. After the merge, her placements started to increase greatly, with her getting second place on multiple occasions. Despite her placements increasing, she still wasn't seen as a threat, due to this, she managed to last all the way until alumni. During the alumni, she had been in an alliance with three other contestants, and managed to get rid of the rest of the remaining contestants. Once the final three arrived, Tamabarktchi, the winner of the challenge, chose to take her to the finale. After the finale challenge ended, she wound up getting one point out of the three, which lead to her getting second.


  • Alarm Clock also competed in P.P.P. 2 and placed 19th.
  • She is the shortest female on her team.
  • She is one of the two member of Team Salsa to be moved to Team Queso.
  • According to her user, she is very gullible.
  • Her favorite candy is Skittles.
  • She was the first contestant to sign up for season 2.
  • Originally the character Grave was going to participate in the season instead of her, at the last minute they were swapped out with Alarm Clock.
  • Her user has participated in camps such as C.A.C. 2 and M.M.M. 1.
  • She is the only season 2 alumni member to never excuse or miss a challenge.
  • She's the only member of the season 2 podium to never win a challenge.
  • She has been saved twice with a dizzy token.