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Adventure Line was a contestant for G.G.G. 1.


Adventure Line is a yellow arrow with the tip facing the left at all times, Adventure Line can also stretch his body to an unknown length whenever necessary.


Adventure Line started of the competition by getting 11th place on the first challenge, he then continued to get 11th place for most of the pre-merge challenges and was barely up for elimination, he had a few close calls, like the time he was in a tie breaker with Bee, which later lead to Ink Drop being eliminated for the first time, but he still managed to pull through and eventually made merge. During the merge his challenge performance began to get better, with him getting placements other than 11th place, this was until his user suddenly went inactive on discord, leading to him being eliminated with only 1 vote, being a self vote since he didn't vote.


  • Adventure Line was the first contestant to be voted out via a self vote.
  • Adventure Line is also the first contestant to have their user's account deleted.
  • Adventure Line has the ability to stretch his body up to an unknown length.
  • According to his user, Adventure Line is vegan.
  • His favorite pizza topping is the Bell Pepper.
  • Adventure Line is also illiterate.
  • He is based of the game The Stanley Parable.